• Dr. Mitra Memarzia has background in the arts and education, and a foreground in technology and business development. She has a multi-faceted approach to developing ideas and products that inspire action and aspire to have a positive impact. She is the Head of Collaboration at seeper, creative technology studio specialising in immersive experiences.

    Formerly Digital Economy Manager at the KTN and Innovate UK developing strategic partnerships between digital innovators and industries, ranging from banks, publishers, cultural organisations and healthcare. She has extensive experience in devising and running innovation workshops as well as curating content for technology focussed festivals and events. Mitra is on the Board of Trustees for LIFT festival, a frequent contributor to a wide range of conferences and guest lecturer at universities. She continues her own art practice exploring the potential for technology to help us to become more human through the creation of installations and events.

    Her strapline is: "I like to be where I'm least expected!"