• Cancer, anxiety and sleep

    In this project we explored these questions:

    How can we create solutions that help people who are living with cancer and experiencing anxiety get restful sleep at night?

    How can we help them understand and manage their anxiety more effectively throughout the day, so they can sleep better?

    How can we do this in a way that feels natural and easy to use, is financially viable and that delivers upsides to users and society over time?

    People living with cancer helped co-design answers to the questions above to create useful, anxiety reducing and sleep promoting prototypes.

    These will be developed over the next few months by continuing to work with end users, specialist talent and investors.

    Direct input from a number of organisations including Big Radical (digital product design), Cancer Research UK and Maggie's Centres (cancer charities) and Somnia (specialist sleep company).

    If you're interested in joining this project, contact us Connect.